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Player & Parent Testimonial: Malina Vallee

Position: Midfield

Malina's Thoughts:

"FSTA has been able to give me specialized training to improve my footwork and artistic skills with the ball while playing, as well as helping me understand the importance of teamwork and cohesion on a team. FSTA has been a family to me for many years now and I have had opportunities to play soccer, compete in events, and take part in activities that I never had the chance to do before. I enjoy the training as it is challenging, but rewarding, and it is never the same - every training night is different."

Malina's Mother's Thoughts:

Malina joined FSTA in 2015. She currently plays both indoor and outdoor soccer with the academy.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and slowed down her soccer activities, but, Malina continued to train with FSTA during COVID to improve her skills and mental health. Being so active and then stopping everything due to COVID was extremely difficult and wasn’t going to be an option for her. While training with FSTA Malina improved her passing techniques, ball handling, timing and spatial awareness of the ball and opposing players.

As Malina’s parent, I have watched her growth throughout the years and am in awe of my daughter and her skill level. Getting to watch a game and actually seeing Malina complete a famous Maradona move, where you basically float on top of the ball and spin around and kick it into the net, was an absolute thrill.

In 2019, Malina also joined the Reserves and is looking forward to attending the Royal Military College and playing soccer for them in the coming years.

Malina was lucky enough to attend various club soccer tournaments in Ontario and Quebec.

As a parent, I have always allowed my children to decide for themselves as to what activities they would like to take part in and how far they wanted to go in the activity. For Malina, she discovered soccer, futsal and track complimented each other, as they kept her pushing her to see how far she could take her goals.

Malina's hard work and the efforts of FSTA, specifically her two coaches, Frank Onasanya and Hugues Tshibemba, gave her the abilities and confidence to seek higher goals within soccer and life. I am very grateful for the coaches and how they have wanted Malina to succeed, however far she wanted to take her soccer. Due to FSTA development and training, Malina's skills achievement and determination, she has been recognized by several Canadian and American schools for her soccer, and was scouted and offered a scholarship by the Royal Military College (RMC) to play with their Women's soccer team and continue her Military career, following in her grandfather's footsteps.

Malina has obtained a Royal Military College Soccer Scholarship with the RMC in Kingston, Ontario for the upcoming 2021 season. Congratulations on all your hard work and commitment to achieving your goals Malina! FSTA is so grateful to have you as one of their alumni, and while we are so happy to see you progressing in your soccer career and life, FSTA will continue supporting you on your journey. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of developing you as a soccer player. You are truly a valued member of the FSTA Family!


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