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Mini Fusion Players (Pre-Game)



The purposes of the Fusion Elite Soccer Program is to develop soccer players, girls and boys that have the desire, the willingness and passion to succeed in soccer while having FUN.


We identify talented young soccer players, girls and boys ages 7 YRS to 10 YRS, train and develop them to their full potential. The Fusion Program serves to develop, improve and enhance player’s soccer skills, ability and performance. The program also serves as a confidence builder and helps players transition smoothly into the outdoor soccer program during the summer months and beyond.


Our main focus areas are:

•           Technical Skills,

•           Physical Literacy,

•           Tactical Awareness,

•           Game Intelligence,

•           Psychological and Mental Toughness, and

•           Drive and Determination


The team also known as “The Mini Fusion” trains twice a week for seven to eight months from October to May, and participates in the indoor Ottawa Carlton Futsal league (OCFL) in Nepean and/or Ottawa starting in November.



1. Seven to eight Months (October – May) developmental soccer training

2. Free Fusion training T-shirt

              - All players will be issued an FSTA training t-shirt to keep. *Players are expected to wear this t-shirt for all

              training sessions.

3. 48 training session / 60 training hours per individual

              -Training days are on Thursdays and Fridays in the evenings

4. 20-22 Indoor Futsal Soccer League games including playoff games

               -Game days are Saturdays (mornings/afternoons)

               -Each player will be provided a uniform (jersey, short & socks) for the league games

               -*All players must only use jerseys for games. At the end of the season, players get to keep the jersey, 

               shorts and socks.

                -CLICK HERE for a link to the Mini Fusion game schedule

5. End of year tournament




-The program and training schedule will be provided to all players one or two weeks prior to start of the Program and will also be posted on the website.

-Training within the Program is taken very seriously and full commitment and participation from players is expected.




PLEASE NOTE: All sessions indicated CANCELLED on the schedule were cancelled by the schools for school activities.



All Mini Fusion Elite Soccer Training Program will take place in Kemptville at the North Grenville High School Gym and South Branch Elementary School Gym.


Please Note: Training schedules are subject to change and scheduled training sessions that are cancelled due to snow days, school closures/activities will not be rescheduled.




The Fee for the Fusion Mini Elite Soccer Program is $580.00


Fee Breakdown:

OCFL and OSA League fees:                                                                                             = $230.00

Insurance Fees (Schools Gym Usage Ins.): $2.6931/session x 48 training sessions = 129.27

Training Fees:  training sessions = 60 training hours @ $3.6788/hr                           = $220.73


Total Program Fees: League Fees, Training Fee and Insurance Fee                            =$580.00



The Payment Schedule will be as follows:

1st Payment for the program of $240.00 is due on registration {Non-Refundable}

2nd payment for the program will be $240.00 due before/by 24th October {Non-Refundable}

3rd and final payment of $100.00 is due 7 calendar days prior to first season’s game.


Please make all cheque payable to: Frank’s Soccer Training Academy OR “FSTA”


*NSF cheques and payments that are not received by the due dates will be subject to a $50.00 administration fee. No Refund or Part Refund after Registration.



The Elite Soccer Academy Head Coach, Frank Onasanya and or selected experience coach/coaches.


For more details on this program, please CONTACT US.


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